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Let's Talk Water Heaters...

There are many different water heater manufacturers and hundreds of different models to choose from.  We spent a tremendous amount of time researching water heater suppliers to see who is the best.  We found the A. O. Smith company to be the most aligned with our brand and one we could easily get behind. Check out more info about why we selected A. O. Smith here. Once we found a good supplier, then we researched the models they offer and what we wanted to offer to our customers. We narrowed those choices down to a few general models. 

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Finance starting at $39 per month*

Finance starting at $47 per month*

Finance starting at $70 per month*

Finance starting at $86 per month*

Finance starting at $80 per month*

*Monthly payment offer subject to credit approval through Synchrony Bank. Not all customers will qualify. Minimum monthly payment required. See our financing page for more details. Financing promotion can not be combined with any other promotions or offers. Minimum purchase of $1,500 required. Promotions valid 1/1/24-12/31/24.
Why Choose Simply Water Heaters

Why Choose Simply Water Heaters?

Simply Water Heaters technician installing a tankless water heater

The installation of your water heater as a major system of your home is an important job to get correct. After all, improper installation could lead to equipment failure, loss of warranty coverage, or even a flooded home. By trusting our team of trained professionals to handle the job correctly, you'll be back to focusing on what matters most to you and your family. Here are a few things that set us apart from our competition:

We Use the Best Materials

Your water heater is important, but so are all the other materials we use to complete your installation. Here are the materials you can expect to see with your water heater installation.

Composite Drain Pan

You will not find cheap metal drain pans on our installations that rust and corrode over time.  We only use composite drain pans with all our tank type water heater installations. 

New Run-off Tube
New Expansion Tank

Your expansion tank may be in good shape now at the time of installation. We will replace it anyway so you can be worry free. Why chance an old part on a new installation? 

New Condensate Pump
New 1/4 Turn Shut Off Valves

Your new water heater will come with new 1/4 turn shut off valves to make shutting off the water easy. Your existing shut off valves may be fine but we want to ensure your job is done correctly. 

New Installation Hardware

A new run off tube is included in each tank type water heater installation.  This tube is required by all local codes and is run into the composite drain pan.

All gas tankless water heaters produce condensation that needs to be pumped into a nearby drain line. We include a new pump on those condensing units.

We provide all new hardware necessary to replace your water heater.  This is most relevant on tankless water heaters that need to be hung on the wall.

We Don't Cut Corners

Rushing a job, cutting corners, and using inferior products will NOT save time or money. Our experience has proven that when a job is done right, with quality materials, it takes less time and money in the long run, plus we end up with happier customers.  Happy customer's mean more business.

No Complicated Maintenance Plans

What's with all the complicated maintenance plans, just to get a fair price on a water heater?  Seriously, check out some of our competition. They are more interested in getting you sucked into a monthly maintenance plan than helping to solve your problem. They basically over price a water heater to then offer you a discount if you sign up for a maintenance plan. You will not find that here at Simply Water Heaters.  Our goal is to make it simple for you.  You'll find our pricing is easy to understand, and not complicated by some underhanded way for you to spend more money. 

Customer Satisfaction Still Exists Here

Is it just us, or has customer service become a casualty of the pandemic? We aren't letting that happen here. We do our very best to ensure every customer is satisfied with the work we do. Our team genuinely cares about the work they put their names on, and yes they put their name on every water heater they install. Your satisfaction means you'll tell friends and family about us. We believe that's the right way to earn more business!

Our Pricing is Reasonable and Fair

We purposely will not be your cheapest place to buy a water heater. There are many ways you can get a low cost water heater and find cheap labor, that's just not what we offer.  It's no secret that labor is expensive. Our experience has proven that by using good quality materials that are made to last, you will save money. Better materials mean less, costly repairs over the life of the unit, and an extended life.  Replacing a cheap water heater more often because it fails is much more expensive.

Good equipment is only as good as the installation.  We only use experienced and trained people to install our water heaters.  We then pay those people fairly for their hard work. Doing things right costs money. We think you will find our pricing very reasonable, fair, and a good value.  

Why A. O. Smith

Why A. O. Smith water heaters?

AO Smith Logo_edited.png

A. O. Smith is known for their innovation. They have certain technologies that provide better, longer lasting water heaters along with much better warranties.  One major factor we chose A. O. Smith is their extended warranty program.  In our opinion, they have the best warranty in the market. You'll notice that the warranties we offer on our units are much better than our competitors. In many cases, that's because we add an additional anode rod in our tank type water heaters, thanks to A. O. Smith.  That additional anode rode means longer protection for your tank. Other manufactures offer extended warranties where we just pay an additional fee. They don't do anything to actually make the unit last longer. 

Speaking of innovation, A. O. Smith has the BEST tankless water heater on the market today.  Their gas tankless water heaters have X3 Technology which eliminates scale buildup for the life of the unit. They currently have the patent on this technology so you won't find it anywhere else. They have eliminated the need to de-scale the unit which saves thousands of dollars in maintenance over the life of the unit. 

Partnership is important to us as a small business. A good partner makes it easier for us to exceed our customers expectations. A. O. Smith has been a great partner, they have given us the training, the tools, and the support we need. They stand behind their products and warranties if, and when we need them, so you can buy with confidence. 

"We have found A. O. Smith water heaters to be innovative, high quality, and just a great value overall. I will put one in my home, my families homes, and our customers homes."


Differene between Simpl Wate Heaters and Big Box Stores

Is there a difference between your water heaters and the ones we see at big box retailers?

SWH vs Big Box.jpg

Yes there absolutely is. You'll find those water heaters priced about 20% less than the ones we sell, generally. We considered using one of those big box stores to supply our water heaters. It would be very easy and simple for us to run over to one of those places, pull a water heater off the shelf and install it in your home. However we feel that choosing a water heater that provides you a better value is what our customers want.  One of those retailers sell the Signature Line of A.O. Smith water heaters.  We sell the ProElite and ProMaster lines of water heaters, and specifically not the Signature line. Not because that Signature Line is bad, but because for the additional cost you get a higher quality unit. Our upgraded water heaters have brass drain valves, better and thicker insulation, better elements that are designed to last longer, and have much longer warranties. We know you have many choices when it comes to the installation of your next water heater. We want our water heaters to last longer, require less maintenance, and require less repairs, so your money goes further.

Installation Next Steps
SWH Laborer_edited_edited.png

Installation Next Steps:

We need to get some information from you.

1.Either fill out the form below or call us at (347)SIMPLY-7.

2. We will ask a few questions about your current water heater and answer any of your questions.

3. We may need you to send a few photos or allow us to do a quick site check. This allows us to make sure we have the correct materials, and see if there are any needed changes to our standard scope of work.

4. If you're interested in financing, click here to apply.  You're welcome to give us a call so we can walk you through the process. If you're not financing you can skip this step.

5. We send you a detailed scope of work and cost for your approval. We collect 50% of the total once approved, before we schedule the job.

6. Once we receive your 50% deposit, we gather the materials and schedule you for our next available day and time. If you're financing, a 50% deposit is not required.

7. The remaining balance is due the day the job is completed. 

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